Dear orienteering friends worldwide!

Viesturs Tamuzs What only a few years ago seemed as a faraway dream, soon will become the reality - in 2018, the year of Latvia's centenary, World Orienteering Championships will take place in Latvia. To host the top event of the year in the world-level orienteering is a great honour and an equally demanding responsibility.
In the summer of 2018 Riga and Sigulda will be the capital cities of orienteering. I have no doubt that both local and foreign orienteers will enjoy running an orienteering race in a so historically and culturally rich place as the old town of Riga. This will be the first time ever that the World Orienteering Championships Finals will take place in the very heart of a capital city. We will do everything to make this event unforgettable for competitors and spectators alike.
For certain, the unique nature and beauty of the terrains of Sigulda area will take away the breathofthe worlds' best orienteers as well as those who enjoy our sport in a more relaxed manner - the picturesque Gauja River valley is a dream for connoisseurs of orienteering.
I encourage everyone to mark year 2018 and Latvia in your calendars right now - it will be the WOC of the century!
President of the Latvian Orienteering Federation - Viesturs Tamužs.

Dear lovers of orienteering!

Riga is ready for the world’s most prestigious orienteering event.
It will be both a great honour and a challenge to host the participants of the World Orienteering Championships, but I can promise: lovers of this sport will have a wonderful experience.
In addition to enjoying the sports events, participants and fans will have an opportunity to experience a wide range of cultural events and entertainment made available to the citizens and visitors of Riga on a daily basis: the unique Art Nouveau architecture, the beautiful parks, hospitable pubs and much more.
I wish endurance and stamina to the athletes and pleasant emotions to the fans.

Welcome to Riga!
Chairman of Riga City Council - Nils Ušakovs.

Welcome in Sigulda!

Ugis Mitrevics Sigulda has taken on the challenge to organise the World Orienteering Championships in 2018.
We are ready to host orienteering professionals from all over the world and prove that Latvia and Sigulda can intrigue the world of orienteering sports.
Sigulda - the main place of hosting the World Orienteering Championships - is able to ensure the participants of the competition with an appropriate, quality and well-arranged sports infrastructure. I hope that every participant will value that highly and will want to return to Sigulda many times to enjoy the landscapes of the ancient valley of the River Gauja, well-maintained walking trails, cycling routes and unique leisure activity possibilities.
Sigulda is Latvia`s most exciting city, which is why I wish all of the participants and guests to have a delightful stay, excellent results, as well as satisfaction for taking part in the World Orienteering Championships.
I hope that the time you will spend in Sigulda will be full of excitement!
See you in Sigulda!
Chairman of the Sigulda Municipality Council - Uģis Mitrevics.


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