Addition to the availability of LIDAR data:

The Latvian Geospatial Information Agency ( offering some limited free data. Map browser of LGIA can be found here where you can see maps, but there are no low level details available. The LGIA map browser provides different map layers to browse, but the quality probably is not so good (see pictures Sample1  & Sample 2). As mentioned, commercial LIDAR data files are available via WOC2018 organizer.

In Latvia are also two private companies using their own planes to obtain 3D data. They provide those services also abroad:

A) «Metrum» (only in Latvian)

B) «Vides risinājumu institūts»
C) The state forestry company  LVM GEO offers LGIA data as shape (SHP) files for free: Information can be found only in Latvian version of the website:
    You should click on first item – Augstumliknes:

 Files are divided by region and it's a bit tricky to find the right location, the whole WOC map area in Sigulda shall be avialable there.

    PS: Western part of Latvia is not available yet.

Sample 1.

Sample 2.


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