24 National Teams Entered for the World Orienteering Championships

A little more than two months remain till the launch of the 35th World Orienteering Championships 2018, to be held in Latvia from 4 August to 12 August. So far we already know the first 24 countries who have officially registered altogether 189 athletes representing their national teams.
It is expected that about 50 national teams will compete in the World Championships. Orienteering “great power” Sweden who reaped 7 medals (including 4 gold) in the last year’s championships in Estonia, France (3 medals), Switzerland (also 3 medals), Finland (2 medals) are among the teams who have already made their official entries. This year in Latvia Sweden is going to participate with 13 athletes, France with 11 athletes, Switzerland with 12 athletes, while Finland up to now has registered the largest number of athletes, as many as 18.
Other countries who have registered their national teams for the WOC2018 are Australia (10), Brazil (4), Canada (4), China (8), Japan (10), Republic of Korea (8) and even New Zealand (9), while only one athlete will represent the Netherlands.

We kindly invite all lovers of orienteering sports to enter the WOC2018 spectator race “LATVIA O-Week”, to be held parallel to the world championships, and feel the atmosphere of the world level competition while running in the same terrains where the WOC2018 runners compete.
As part of “LATVIA O-Week”, anyone will be able to take part in the sprint race in the very heart of the capital city Riga on 4 August: the spectator race will start immediately after the WOC2018 Sprint Qualification in the same area. In the afternoon the spectators will be able to follow the WOC2018 Sprint Finals and the World Orienteering Championships Opening Ceremony. Other “LATVIA O-Week” races are scheduled: on 7 August – forest sprint in the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum; on 8 August in Sigulda and 10 August in Mazie Kangari the runners will be able to test their orienteering skills in middle distance; on 5 August in Carnikava and 12 August in Turaida there will be a chance to challenge one’s stamina in long distance.

Register for “LATVIA O-Week” now!
Having entered for all 6 days, the competitor is eligible to a 15% fee discount.
Upon registration it is possible to order the official WOC2018 fan T-shirt or “forest” running shirt; the price is EUR 25.
Read more about the spectator race at http://www.woc2018.lv/lv/o-week, and register for “LATVIA O-Week” here: https://lof.lv/o-week/

About the WOC2018
The athletes participating in the 35th World Orienteering Championships will compete for 10 sets of medals in 5 disciplines. Thrilling urban sprint races will be held in Vecrīga and Āgenskalns, whereas forest races will take place in the vicinity of Sigulda. The arenas will be set up in a way that makes following the race interesting for fans and TV spectators. The Event Centre in Sigulda will be located in the new cross-country skiing facility in Laurenči, while in Turaida it will be situated in the Folk Song Garden.

World Orienteering Championships - Programme
4 August – Sprint Qualification – Riga
4 August – Sprint Finals – Riga
5 August – Sprint Relay – Riga
7 August – Middle Distance – Sigulda
9 August – Relay – Turaida
11 August – Long Distance – Turaida

Information by the Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF)
Additional information:
Jānis Lazdāns, Director of the 35th World Orienteering Championships


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