24 National Teams Entered for the World Orienteering Championships

A little more than two months remain till the launch of the 35th World Orienteering Championships 2018, to be held in Latvia from 4 August to 12 August. So far we already know the first 24 countries who have officially registered altogether 189 athletes representing their national teams.
It is expected that about 50 national teams will compete in the World Championships. Orienteering “great power” Sweden who reaped 7 medals (including 4 gold) in the last year’s championships in Estonia, France (3 medals), Switzerland (also 3 medals), Finland (2 medals) are among the teams who have already made their official entries. This year in Latvia Sweden is going to participate with 13 athletes, France with 11 athletes, Switzerland with 12 athletes, while Finland up to now has registered the largest number of athletes, as many as 18.
Other countries who have registered their national teams for the WOC2018 are Australia (10), Brazil (4), Canada (4), China (8), Japan (10), Republic of Korea (8) and even New Zealand (9), while only one athlete will represent the Netherlands.

We kindly invite all lovers of orienteering sports to enter the WOC2018 spectator race “LATVIA O-Week”, to be held parallel to the world championships, and feel the atmosphere of the world level competition while running in the same terrains where the WOC2018 runners compete.
As part of “LATVIA O-Week”, anyone will be able to take part in the sprint race in the very heart of the capital city Riga on 4 August: the spectator race will start immediately after the WOC2018 Sprint Qualification in the same area. In the afternoon the spectators will be able to follow the WOC2018 Sprint Finals and the World Orienteering Championships Opening Ceremony. Other “LATVIA O-Week” races are scheduled: on 7 August – forest sprint in the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum; on 8 August in Sigulda and 10 August in Mazie Kangari the runners will be able to test their orienteering skills in middle distance; on 5 August in Carnikava and 12 August in Turaida there will be a chance to challenge one’s stamina in long distance.

Register for “LATVIA O-Week” now!
Having entered for all 6 days, the competitor is eligible to a 15% fee discount.
Upon registration it is possible to order the official WOC2018 fan T-shirt or “forest” running shirt; the price is EUR 25.
Read more about the spectator race at http://www.woc2018.lv/lv/o-week, and register for “LATVIA O-Week” here: https://lof.lv/o-week/

About the WOC2018
The athletes participating in the 35th World Orienteering Championships will compete for 10 sets of medals in 5 disciplines. Thrilling urban sprint races will be held in Vecrīga and Āgenskalns, whereas forest races will take place in the vicinity of Sigulda. The arenas will be set up in a way that makes following the race interesting for fans and TV spectators. The Event Centre in Sigulda will be located in the new cross-country skiing facility in Laurenči, while in Turaida it will be situated in the Folk Song Garden.

World Orienteering Championships - Programme
4 August – Sprint Qualification – Riga
4 August – Sprint Finals – Riga
5 August – Sprint Relay – Riga
7 August – Middle Distance – Sigulda
9 August – Relay – Turaida
11 August – Long Distance – Turaida

Information by the Latvian Orienteering Federation (LOF)
Additional information:
Jānis Lazdāns, Director of the 35th World Orienteering Championships

Two big music concerts during WOC2018 week

This year in Sigulda will be full of different events!

During WOC2018 week two big music concerts will take place at Sigulda Castle ruins. On 3rd of August you have a chance to see American blues rock group "Dire Straits", but on 4th of August Rita Ora will perform all of her international hits.

List of top events happening in Sigulda throughout the year - http://tourism.sigulda.lv/news/4086/

World Orienteering Championships 2018 announce partnership with ALL4o.com

One of ALL4o.com’s primary goals is to spread the sport of orienteering worldwide and promote its development as global sport, one day to be included in Olympic Games. Additionally, we want to raise the awareness and accessibility of orienteering sports worldwide.Therefore, “ALL4o.com – All For Orienteering”and “World Orienteering Championships 2018” event orginizers have signed an agreement of partnership, and we believe by participating in “LATVIA O-WEEK 2018” and WOC2018 events, you will have exciting summer adventure and grow in the experience.

Training possibilities and WOC 2018 selection races

Please find information about Training possibilities here.
Bulletin 1 for WOC2018 Selection Races - here.

Join the WOC2018 organizers team!

2018 will be an active year for the Latvian orienteering community, as we will be hosting the World Orienteering Championship where the best athletes from all planet will compete for medals in five orienteering disciplines. To have everything running smoothly, we cannot do without our eager-to-help volunteers. Therefore, we invite you to join the organizers team. There will be a lot of work and everyone will have an appropriate job to do according to one’s area of interest.

You must be at least 15 years of age to apply as a volunter. We expect that you help us at least 3 days, 8 hours per day.

For volunteers, we offer accommodation in Sigulda in a school on the floor with your sleeping accessories, catering and transport to the arenas on all days when you work, clothing (a t-shirt, vest and cap). Moreover, you will have an opportunity to go orienteering two days as part of Latvia O-week free of charge.

If you are ready to help, please fill out this form and we will contact you.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to volunteers@woc2018.lv

WOC and O-week program can be found here http://www.woc2018.lv/o-week/

Sigulda municipality ranks first in the world by the number of winter Olympic medals per head of population

According to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, Sigulda municipality has 18,677 inhabitants, currently accounting for about 1% of the total population in the country. With a total of 10 Olympic Winter Games medals won during the last three Winter Olympic Games, which is one medal per 1867 inhabitants, it thereby takes first place in the world.

The Norwegian region of Trondelag, which has 400,000 inhabitants, about 8% of the total population in the country, is second with 30 Olympic Winter Sport medals, thus earning one medal per 13,333 people. On a national basis, the top ranking is Finland with one medal per 17,904 people, Sweden with 19,649 people per medal, and Hungary with a medal for each 20,792 inhabitants.

Starting with the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France, Sigulda has taken part in all the subsequent Winter Olympics, and in the last two games local athletes Martins and Tomass Dukurs, Andris and Juris Šics, as well as Janis Strenga have won two gold, three silver and five bronze medals.

„10 Olympic medals, five citizens of Sigulda, on per cent of the population of Latvia. These statistics cannot be called a mere luck or coincidence," says Uģis Mitrevics, the chairman of the Sigulda Local Government Council. This is a convincing evidence of our dedication, enthusiasm and power. Our motivation to proceed with all we have started is only getting stronger: to provide our athletes with a modern infrastructure, education and support in organising trainings and international level competitions. We want to educate the would-be world rank athletes and participants of the Olympic Games. We want the name of Latvia and Sigulda to be pronounced in the world over and over again. We are the capital city of Latvia in winter sports despite the fact that we make only one per cent of the Latvian population: this is the richest in medals and the most exciting one per cent,” Uģis Mitrevics, the chairman of the Sigulda Local Government Council, speaks with pride.

The achievements of the athletes coming from Sigulda, apart from each year attracting the world’s attention via live Eurosport TV broadcasts from Sigulda to millions of spectators, have also intrigued the world’s top athletes to come to Sigulda to compete. The German national luge team opened this season with a training session in the Bobsleigh and Luge Track as well as in the Sigulda Sports Centre, opened in May. This is the largest facility built in Sigulda during the past thirty years: it provides a world-level training environment for athletes, comprising a weightlifting hall, a running track and the best gear for functional trainings. Already at the time of laying the footstone of the building, Zintis Ekmanis, an Olympic athlete in bobsleigh, said that here athletes will be able to do their trainings in order to win the hundredths of a second that decide the victory.

As previously reported, currently the name of Sigulda rings worldwide: Sweden, while considering its bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2026, has officially approached the Latvian Olympic Committee, exploring the possibility to use the Sigulda Bobsleigh and Luge Track for competitions in bobsleigh, skeleton and luge.

Give someone LATVIA O-week for Christmas!

Christmas is the time for giving. The organizers of the World Orienteering Championships suggest next year filled with pleasant emotions as your Christmas gift to your beloved ones: an invitation to the World Orienteering Championships spectator race "LATVIA O-week"!

"LATVIA O-week"! will be held parallel to the World Orienteering Championships between 3 and 12 August. The runners will have an opportunity to enjoy sprint, forest sprint, and two middle and two long orienteering distances in the most picturesque areas of Latvia that, apart from inspiring people with the amazing nature, also narrate a story about the history of Latvia.

When completing the registration for the competition, the entry can be designed in the form of a gift card with the recipient’s name on it. You can make one more surprise for the recipient of the gift: a shirt with the competition logo and design, to be collected at the competition arena.

The competition programme and the site for entries is here:
http://www.woc2018.lv/o-week/, and the competition regulations are here:

The World Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held in Latvia from 4 to 11 August. Sprint races will take place in Riga, whereas forest competitions will be held in the vicinity of Sigulda. The best orienteers from more than 50 national teams will take part in the Championships. The World Trail-O Championships will be held concurrently.

It should be noted that WOC 2018 will be recorded in history as the last one according to the old format: starting 2019, there are going to be separate championships for urban orienteering and for forest orienteering.

Let the Christmas time be full of light and joy,

WOC2018 team

Today Opens the Registration for the World Orienteering Championships Spectator Race.

Today, on the 1st of December, opens the registration for the World Orienteering Championships 2018 spectator race “LATVIA O-Week”. This is going to be a six-day long orienteering experience in beautiful and interesting terrains, as well as a unique opportunity to follow the performance of the world’s best orienteers and simultaneously test own skills in the terrains of the World Championships right here in Latvia.

“LATVIA O-Week” will be held parallel to the World Orienteering Championships between 4th and 12th of August, 2018. On the 4th of August in the very Riga city centre anybody will have an opportunity to participate in orienteering sprint, but on the 7th of August the forest sprint will take place in The Etnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia where orienteers will be rewarded with the intimacy of treasures created by the predecessors of Latvia. On the 8th of August in Sigulda and on the 10th of August in Kangari there will be a chance to test one’s orienteering skills in the middle distance, while on the 5th of August in Carnikava and on the 12th of August in Turaida - to challenge one’s stamina in the long distance.

“The participants of “LATVIA O-week” will be the lucky ones to explore the best orienteering areas in Latvia.Every visitor will be able to find routes in Latvia that best suit his or her wishes and interests – be it nature, architecture, history, sports, adrenaline, cuisine or adventure.Therefore we invite you to visit the most popular tourist attractions that are located just a couple of kilometres away and are convenient to reach.2018 is the year of Latvia’s 100th anniversary. Special preparations for this occasion are on-going in Latvia, and WOC2018 will be among the centenary celebration events,” WOC2018 event director Jānis Lazdāns is looking forward to see you in Latvia.

For more information about the World Orienteering Championships spectator race “LATVIA O-Week” you are welcome to visit: http://www.woc2018.lv/o-week/

Entries should be made via the website: https://lof.lv/o-week/

World Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held in Latvia from the 4th to 11th of August. Sprint races will take place in Riga, whereas forest competitions will be held in the vicinity of Sigulda. The best orienteers from more than 50 national teams will take part in the Championships. It should be noted that WOC 2018 will be recorded in history as the last one according to the old format: starting 2019, there are going to be separate championships for urban orienteering and for forest orienteering.

IOF visits the WOC2018 organising team in Sigulda

A few weeks ago, three representatives of the IOF Office took their customary trip to visit the upcoming WOC organisers. This time, they made their way to Sigulda in Latvia, to meet the WOC 2018 organising team.

The team from the IOF Office consisted of Sports Administrator David Wästlund, SG/CEO Tom Hollowell, WOC Senior Event Adviser Daniel Leibundgut and Office Administrator and Anti-Doping Officer Kirsty McIntyre. They visited the key persons from the organising team present, for example Jānis Lazdāns, Event Director, Inese Purgaile, Event Secretary , Girts Mamis, Finances, Aija Pakalna, Media, Daniels Karklins, Technical Director, and Karina Putnina, ceremonies, among others.

In smaller groups they discussed everything from communication, media and ceremonies to arenas, embargoed areas and courses. In the afternoon, they visited different potential locations for the all important athlete party.

“For many organisers, it’s the first time they are organising WOC. We in the IOF Office, however, do it every year.” Tom Hollowell started off by saying. “It’s important to note that this is not an inspection, but rather an opportunity for the organisers and the office to get on the same page ahead of the months of work to come. We have a lot of experience and knowledge to share, and we want to help you to organise the best WOC ever.”

“Since I started working at the IOF, we have visited the organisers of each upcoming WOC during the winter months. As a small federation, we tend to conduct a lot of meetings via phone or video call (in an attempt to save both money and the environment), but this is one of the meetings which we have found to be invaluable to hold face to face, as it is such an important part of building a good relationship with the organising team,” said Kirsty McIntyre.

As the athletes head into winter training, we will be working hard to bring them the best WOC we possibly can. See you in Latvia next summer!


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